ABC Seamless Premium Metal Roofing is the last roof that your home will ever need. Our steel shingles protect your home in any climate and disaster, proven by Fire, Wind, Fade and Impact ratings. Surpassing the best asphalt shingles in every way, upgrading to a steel shingle will increase the resale value of your home and put your mind at ease when a nasty storm rolls through your area. Your home will avoid leaking roof problems caused by hailstorms. At the same time, our premium steel shingles also save you energy.

  •  Resistance against extreme winds – In Minnesota, it’s crucial to have a roof that is strong and wind resistant. Our roofing material is among the toughest you’ll find anywhere. ABC Seamless roofs have an incredible wind rating of 160 miles per hour – winds that are as strong as those in a strong Category 3 tornado.
  •  Class 4 impact rating – Our steel roofing carries the highest possible resistance to hail and debris.
  •  ENERGY STAR rating – Trying to lower your heating and cooling costs? With roofs from ABC Seamless, you can help improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, lowering your fueling costs and even helping to reduce the stress on your heating and cooling equipment.
  •  Cool Edge coating – Our roofs are designed to reflect heat and light away from your house, which can help the inside of your home feel a little cooler during oppressively hot summer days.

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